Monuments, Markers & Garden Stones

Honor your pet at his or her gravesite or in your own yard with a beautiful, lasting monument, marker or garden stone tribute. Available in small to large sizes, with a variety of lettering, photo etching and stone options.



Monuments/Grave Markers     Size                                       Price

Upright Tablet                                    18 x 17                                      $725     “General”

Pillow                                                    16 x 8 x 4                                 $295     “Venus Van Patter” – Toto

Flat                                                        16 x 8 x 2                                 $245      “Refus”

Mini Marker                                       8 x 8 x 4                                   $135       “Boots”

Mini Marker                                       12 x 8 x 2                                 $225       “Heidi”

Mini Marker                                      12 x 8 x 3                                  $225       “Mindy”   Plus additional $40 for Photo Plate

Lettering and sketch of pet are extra on large markers.

Metal photo plate can be added for $45 extra.


KEEPSTONES (r) Garden Stones

Beautiful garden stones to adorn your pet’s gravesite or to add to your personal garden as a memorial tribute. Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, in natural river rock, dolomitic stone, granite and Pennsylvania flagstone. Starting at $80.

stone boots stone general stone gone but forgotten stone grover stone heidi stone medium stone perhaps stone refus stone rocky stone toto

keepstones siloAbove Garden Rocks range in price from $35.00 – $175.00  (Please call for individual prices)


*Please note when applicable: prices do not include shipping & handling.